We believe life wasn't meant to be done alone. Everyone needs a place where they can grow in faith, relationship and service. Quite simply, Life Groups are groups of people coming together on a regular basis to do exactly that.


How many people are in each Life Group?

The number varies from group to group (and can even fluctuate within groups) but generally there are about 8-14 people in each group.

When and where do Life Groups meet?

Every group is different. We understand that people are busy and not everyone is available at the same time. Your LifeGroup will decide what works best for the group as whole.

Is childcare available?

Every group is different. We want to help you get connected to the right group, so make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some of our groups split the costs for a baby sitter, some of our groups don’t offer any type of childcare, and some make other arrangements.

I'm not sure which group to join...

We want to help find the Life Group that best fits your needs and schedule. Try contacting the group leader and ask a few questions before visiting the group - all of our leaders are happy to help you! If you don't find something you're ready to try in our list of open groups below, we would love to hear from you. There might be others looking for a group just like you!


Are you interested in leading a group?

Check out our Leader Training Guide to learn more about what it might look like for you to be a leader. For more information, or to get your group started, contact us at groups@kumconline.org.


MONDAYS  |  7:00 PM  |  ZOOM

We call our group the Killearnnials, and we meet in each other's homes (currently on Zoom) to share a meal, hang out, read God's Word, and pray for each other. 

Daniel Diaz and Lauren Page



This group meets for fellowship and study.



This men's bible study meets weekly.

Herb Rogero


Advent: "The Christian New Year"

SUNDAYS  |  2 PM   |   ZOOM

As darkness sows the bad seed of dread, disease and disaster across our land, Jesus sows the Gospel of Light, Life, and Love. Gear up for the next season of sowing—Advent. This group also offers multiple Zoom activities via Seedbed throughout the week. Runs Nov. 29 - Dec. 20.

"From Recovery to Restoration"

MONDAYS  |  7:00 PM  |  ZOOM

In this study, we will read 5 devotions before class and discuss our reactions to the reflections each week. These discussions will enable us to encourage each other and provide an opportunity for accountability if requested.

Singles: "The Five Love Languages"

THURSDAYS  |  6:30 PM  |  ASBURY 12

This group is for singles seeking community, connection and Christian fellowship. Begins October 15.

Parents of Special Needs Children


This group will meet weekly to offer spiritual support and encouragement for one another as we face the challenges and rewards of parenting children with special needs. Masks are required, please eat lunch prior to meeting.

Killearn Quilters


This group of women meets for quilting and fellowship. More information on meeting days and times coming soon.

Prayer Ministry: "Pray for Our Nation"


This group meets weekly to pray for our nation and the world during this pandemic.



This group will meet to study, pray, fellowship and find ways to serve.

Bill Stimmel and Randy Merchant

Prayer Ministry: Lectio Divina

SUNDAYS  |  8:15 - 9:30 AM   |   ZOOM

The experience of this prayer is not programmed or an automatic 1-2-3-4 progression (once it is learned). In the process of learning this prayer, we will use the guidelines for the Scholastic Lectio Divina in order to intuitively draw closer to God.

Men's Ministry: "The Christian Man"


This men’s group meets weekly for Bible study and discussion.

Doug Knowles